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is an eco-friendly, non-toxic, odorless stain-protection spray made to repel liquids (such as water, soda, tea, juice, beer, wine, alcoholic beverages, blood, and even ketchup) without affecting the fabric or leaving a haze behind.

STAIN REPEL is a hydrophobic spray that uses the power of NanoTechnology to provide your fabrics (such as polyester, cotton, silk, suede, canvas, rayon, nylon, etc.) with a liquid-repellent shield to keep them clean and fresh against liquid spills.

It is perfectly safe and non-toxic. Safe for around kids and pets.

You simply apply it via the spray bottle, without need for gloves. Remember,
STAIN REPEL is meant to repel stains so the material will stay cleaner and need less washing.

It is important to remember to never rub the stain in, just brush off with your hand or dab a towel on these spots rather than to rub it in. Thicker liquids (
ketchup or syrup) may need a little bit of water poured slowly
onto it to completely remove it.