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Q: Can I spray STAIN REPEL indoors?

A: Yes. Unlike other products, STAIN REPEL is odorless and does not contain toxic fumes or harmful vapor buildup. Safe around kids and pets.

Q: How do I apply STAIN REPEL?

A: See detailed instructions in HOW TO APPLY section of website under INFO.

Q: How do I test it?

A: Hold the treated material at an angle such as how it would be worn. Then slowly pour water or juice on it, and watch it roll away like magic. You should be able to simple brush the water off with your hand or napkin, and the material should repel the wetness and stain. Do not pour a heavy amount of water on your test material since this is not actually how a spill would occur in normal life.

Q: How long does STAIN REPEL take to dry?

A: Treatment will dry in a short while, as anything wet. But the effectiveness of the product comes from the key ingredient in STAIN REPEL which is silica nano-particles, which take time to dry and fully bond to the material to work best. These nano-particles invisibly bond to the material and become part of the material, which is what makes the process of Nano-technology so amazing. Environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity, will affect dry time.

It is advised to spray the material thoroughly, and then to wait overnight to allow the full effectiveness. Remember, it is often not necessary (although you can choose to do so) to treat the entire item, if sections of the item are not prone to risk from spills (such as the back of a shirt). Also, spray one side of the material will soak through and treat the other side automatically, so no need to spray the inside unless very thick.

Alternatively, you can simply throw the treated item into a laundry dryer, and the normal heat of the dryer will also cause the bonding effect.

Q: What will the coating treatment repel?

A: STAIN REPEL repels all non-oil based liquids. This includes water, juice, wine, coffee, soda, blood, syrup, ketchup, even mud, dirt and more.

It is important to remember to never rub the stain in, just dab a towel on these spots rather than rub.

Liquids that are of higher viscosity (thicker) such as ketchup or syrup will sometimes require a little bit of water poured slowly onto it to completely remove it from the material.

*** STAIN REPEL may not made to repel oil or oil-based liquids, though it often works and will make cleanups much easier as the oil will not soak into the fabric as much. We have seen great result on oil-based spills when a wet paper towel or cloth is used to blot (“dab” not rub) the stained area.

*** STAIN REPEL is not recommended for lightly or loosely woven shirt, as those will not allow the nano-particles to get enough traction to bond to the material.

Q: Can I apply STAIN REPEL to wet fabric?

A: Yes, it is recommended that the material be completely dry; however, STAIN REPEL will still be effective if the material is somewhat wet.

Q: Does the company offer a warranty or guarantee for its products?

A: Yes, Company will ensure that the products will be received as ordered, or any product items missing or damaged in transit will be replaced at Company’s expense. Company warrants Products to work as claimed by Company on product label or money back for a period of thirty (30) days from date of receipt of shipment by Distributor (the “Money-Back Warranty Period”). Company warrants for a period of six (6) months following delivery of Company Products (the “Replacement Warranty Period”) that Company Products will perform as claimed on the label or will be replaced.

Q: Will STAIN REPEL leave a scent on my clothing?

A: No, STAIN REPEL is odorless when applying and your clothing will remain scent free.

Q: How much will one bottle of STAIN REPEL cover?

A: Coverage will vary depending on the type of fabric STAIN REPEL is applied to.

• For most fabric types, coverage is 60–130ml/m2.

• Using a commercial Spray Gun, coverage is 30-40ml/m2.

• 100ml (3.4oz) bottle can cover 1-3 shirts or 3-5 pairs of shoes or sneakers. A 240ml (8oz) bottle will treat 6-7 shirts or an entire car interior (2 front seats, entire rear seat, carpets, and the trunk).

Q: How long will STAIN REPEL last?

A: The answer depends on a few things: what material was it applied to? . . . How well was it applied? . . . How was the material treated after treatment. STAIN REPEL repels abrasions but the nano-particles will fall off if the material is treated abrasively in daily use) . . . How many washes and was detergent used? . . . STAIN REPEL is meant to keep your clothes cleaner and stain-free, so less washes are needed and less detergent (we recommend to just wash in water). Typically, a coating will last for multiple washes under normal conditions, but much less if it’s under harsh conditions. Some materials will last through several washes (5-6 washes) and some receive a beating in the first wash making the nano-coating less effective after one wash. We say this to give you the standard answer, but we have experienced some shirts still repelling properly after 20 washes. For items that aren't wash such of furniture, the treatment should last 1-3 years. Materials that are not tightly woven such as cotton t-shirts or polo shirts generally do not last very long since the coating is not able to easily bond to the fibers of the loosely weaved items.

Q: Is STAIN REPEL safe for my washing machine? Will it get on other clothes in the washing machine?

A: No, STAIN REPEL will not cause harm to your washing machine nor will it get on other clothing being washed in the same load.

Q: Is STAIN REPEL safe to use on my children's clothing, stuffed animals, backpacks, etc.?

A: Definitely. STAIN REPEL is non-toxic and does not contain any harsh or unsafe chemicals, and it is odorless, too. It is perfect for stuffed animals and backpacks.

Q: Is STAIN REPEL safe for animals? Can I use it on my dog's or cat’s bed?

A: Yes. STAIN REPEL does not contain any harsh or unsafe chemicals that might harm animals. However, it is not recommended to spray your dog to keep him dry.

Q: Is STAIN REPEL harmful to delicate fabrics?

A: STAIN REPEL will not harm fabrics and is ideal for use on most fabric and leather types: nylon, cotton, wool, polyester, latex, rayon, polyblends, spandex, suede, nubuck and more. For initial application, spot test in an inconspicuous location to insure colorfastness and compatibility. Not recommended for patent leather or vinyl.

Q: When I treat something with STAIN REPEL, will there be visible residue on a treated item?

A: No, not under normal treatment; however, excessive spraying may leave a visible residue on surface, but this should not normally occur.

Q: Will STAIN REPEL cause treated items to become flammable?

A: STAIN REPEL is completely Non-flammable, as well as Non-Toxic, and will not cause treated items to become flammable.

Q: Will STAIN REPEL irritate my skin?

A: No, not at all. When used in accordance with the label directions, STAIN REPEL should not irritate your skin. Individuals with allergies or pre-existing skin conditions should consult their doctor before using the product.

Q: Can STAIN REPEL be used on carpets and rugs?

A: STAIN REPEL will work on carpets and rugs for 6 months to a year or more. Our lab is in the process of testing a professional grade product that will last several years.

Q: If you have to wash a fabric, will it remain water repellent?

A: This is dependent on the type of fabric and the type & amount of detergent used. Some fabric will last through several washes, but sometimes fabric receives a beating in the first wash making the nano-coating less effective after one wash. In general, it would last 3 to 5 washings. Remember, clean clothes require less washings. Also, if a big stain lands on a fabric (such as ketchup), you can pour some water on it (pour gently but not at high velocity) and the dab with a cloth or paper towel, and the stain will disappear.

Q: If a material or shoe, which was treated by STAIN REPEL, got a stain or dirt from a difficult substance (ex: milk, egg, mustard, chocolate, flour, strong dust, paint, etc.) or a strong odor, how do you clean it?

A: We recommend to simply wipe lightly with a wet cloth first, then try using water adding a little soap and gently rub the impacted areas with a light sponge. Clean the area just as you would a non-treated item. If you scrub too hard and do end up removing the STAIN REPEL treatment by the cleaning, you can retreat the material as necessary since there are no negative impacts to retreating an already treated item.

Q: If STAIN REPEL is sprayed on shoes or sneakers, how long will it last given that it's going to be used daily?

A: The treatment should last 6 months or more. However, no problem will result if the treatment is re-applied sooner. If results weaken, re-apply treatment.

Q: Can STAIN REPEL be used on wood?

A: STAIN REPEL is not good for wood that is stained, varnished, or laminated, which 90% of furniture are. In those cases, STAIN REPEL leaves a white film. STAIN REPEL does work well for natural unvarnished wood, as well as furniture upholstery and cushions, both indoor and outdoor. Perfect for picnic tables and wood benches, even if stained.