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“STAIN REPEL“ is intended for spills and accidental splashes.

Please understand that “Stain Repel“ acts as an Invisible Umbrella to protect against accidental stains; however, it is not meant to replace or act like a plastic raincoat in pouring rain.

Stain Repel“ is a simple one-step application designed to protect your favorite shirts, pants, neckties, backpacks, formal dresses, tablecloths, upholstery, dog beds, work boots, shoes & sneakers, and much more from liquids and stains.

How do you apply Stain Repel?

1. Before starting treatment, make sure that the item being treated is completely clean and, if not, it is essential to be cleaned first. The material should be dry, but you may treat the item while still a little wet.

2. Next, thoroughly spray the item until wet (do not lightly mist). Be sure to saturate the item and to not miss any spots on your first time around. It is recommended that you spray it twice for ensure it is thoroughly applied everywhere.

3. Finally, allow the treated item to dry thoroughly for the Nano-Coating to fully bond to the surface, or simply put it in the dryer on lower heat to dry.

4. Once the treated item is dry, the application is complete.

5. Pour a little water on it slowly as a spill would occur and watch it roll away like magic.

What will the coating repel?

Stain Repel“ repels liquids. This includes water, juice, beer, wine, mud, coffee, alcoholic drinks, tea, soda, blood, syrup, ketchup, and more.

Liquids that are of higher viscosity (thicker) such as ketchup or syrup will sometimes require a little bit of water poured slowly onto it to completely remove it from the material and not stain.

It is important to remember in all cases to never rub the stain in, just brush off by hand or dab a paper towel on these spots but never rub it in.

*“Stain Repel“ is not intended to repel oil or oil based liquids; however, it will often do so or at least make it easier to clean. We have seen great result on oil-based spills when a wet paper towel or cloth is used to blot (“dab” not rub) the stained area.

*“Stain Repel“ is not recommended for any t-shirt or polo shirt if they are lightly or loosely woven, as those will not allow the Nano-particles to get enough traction to bond to the material.


Do not expect “Stain Repel“ to repel water pouring out of a kitchen faucet. “Stain Repel “ will repel liquids and stains, but is not intended to protect against higher velocity. “Stain Repel“ is not intended to repel liquids when poured rapidly or with higher speed. “Stain Repel“ is meant for accidental spills, which move much slower.

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