American NanoSmart Industries Inc.
Worlds Best Liquid Repellant Spray - Eco-Friendly, SAFE, Odorless and Invisible

Nano-Smart is produced by American NanoSmart Industries Inc. of Dallas, Texas. The owners of American NanoSmart Industries have been in the business of waterproofing  and corrosion-resistant products for several years and have seen some good - and some not so good - products being marketed. 

American NanoSmart was created in answer to the  'not so good' variety of products available. Realizing that the unique, exciting and relatively new science of nano-technology posed huge advantages - allowing for the numerous completely new types of useful everyday products flooding today‚Äôs global market - American NanoSmart set about creating a product designed specifically to protect against the damages of moisture on a nano-molecular level. The result is a far superior product that is also COMPLETELY SAFE for humans, pets, and the environment. 

The owners of American NanoSmart intend to continue to use their expertise and experience to analyze the myriad of confusing innovative nano-products available today, and to offer the very best products to provide the best nano-solutions for various usages to consumers.