Smart . . . Very Smart . . . Nano-Smart!

STAIN REPEL is a revolutionary product that uses the properties of nanotechnology to infuse treated material with hydrophobic properties that repels messy spills and prevent embarrassing stains on clothing and fabric and leaves your material STAIN FREE and DRY!

STAIN REPEL protects all your stuff, is safe around children and pets, and is friendly to our planet.

STAIN REPEL doesn’t affect the texture or feel, smell or breathability, weight, sheen, density, or color of treated materials.


Protects carpets and upholstery against annoying everyday spills, stains, splashes, dribbles and drips and other little accidents. Safe for use around kids and pets.

Our Price: $34.99
VISOR, GOGGLE & PLASTIC (Cleaner & Protective Coating)

Perfect to keep your visor, rain guard, goggles, and any other plastic shields or material clean & crystal clear - great for motorcycle, plastic windshields, and all goggles.

Our Price: $24.99
AUTOMOBILE BODY PROTECTION (Cleaner & Protective Coating Kit)

Preserves and protects vehicle body surfaces, reducing dust and dirt, as well as rain drops, salt spray and damaging environmental elements.

Our Price: $34.99

Provides continuous protection against everyday rain, snow, fog, dirt,and grime. Makes driving safer in bad weather.

Our Price: $19.99